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Tricycle Ice Cream

The Story

Since hitting the streets in the Spring of 2014 in Providence, Rhode Island, Tricycle Ice Cream has been on a three-wheeled journey to perfect the ice cream sandwich. 

Taking inspiration from our most mouth watering childhood memories, we aspire to create ice cream and cookie flavor combinations that are delicious, unforgettable and unique. Basically, we want to make our patrons smile as they think to themselves, or scream out loud, "This is the best ice cream sandwich I’ve ever had!".

It’s a lofty goal but one that keeps us going.

Hope to see you soon, 

Dave & Gio

The Owners

David Cass (L) is proud to call the great city of  Providence, Rhode Island his home. After graduating from Providence College in 2004, he went on teach at The Met High School in Providence, RI. Teaching is a source of great meaning and joy in his life, but he's also got a thing for entrepreneurship. Before co-founding Tricycle Ice Cream in 2014, he started Pirate Pedicab in Newport, Rhode Island.   

Gio Salvador (R) is a San Diego native who moved to Providence, RI to pursue his culinary dreams. A recent graduate of Johnson & Wales University, Gio has always dreamt of owning an ice-cream business to satisfy his insatiable sweet tooth. When he's not busy in the kitchen cooking a meal for twelve or concocting crazy ice cream flavors, he enjoys exploring Rhode Island.